Questions and Confusions Related Uunisept Fireplaces

I was thinking about finding a nice fire place, however I am confused with the facts about several sites. Uunisept fire places hold the CE mark (simply what does it really mean anyway?), as well as others We have checked don’t have it. What is the large difference? According to Uunisept who want to promote their fireplaces naturally the CE mark helps increase the risk for fire places less toxic (huh?) and even even more safe. I don’t receive the less toxic part, are they speaking about smoke getting in or maybe something? Safer sure, but would any with the suppliers sell not very safe fireplaces really? If anyone can solution these questions I’d be grateful!

Also what I am thinking about is the fact that I’ll contain the fire place inside the summer bungalow. Is there anything I should exclusively take into consideration? The cottage just isn’t with an island, but the road there just isn’t really that great. Also the bungalow is definitely there, can one get just any sort of a fireplace to a already build building?

I was thinking it might be nice to get a Uunisept fireplace on even while in the summer, like for cooking plus probably even cooking, but will it make bungalow hot? Of course I’d donrrrt you have it on if it had been great and even sunny, but on the cold and even day you need it the fire place will be really nice.

Uunisept web site asserted the fireplaces require a chimney sweeper quite often, maybe it was like one per year. But if we aren’t using the fire place a whole lot, are you aware of as we need to receive the chimney cleaned more infrequently or (gulp!) more often? Where I prefer the chimney sweepers cost much, so I really hope it doesn’t must be cleaned that usually.

We’ve got a fire place at our winter home, but it really will not be from Uunisept. The fireplaces they’ve around the site look great, having asserted i think they’re a little more expansive compared to rest. However they do hold the CE mark, therefore that makes a major difference then we will should pay out the cash I guess.

Anyhow, if you have any info or answers please let us know! Thanks in advance!
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